Dyllis Dinner

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Dyllis Dinner
Dyllis Dinner SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description How Dyllis does dinner. Fills 30 HP and cures poison.

The Dyllis Dinner is one of the recipes from Super Paper Mario. Dyllis makes this dish out of a Fried Shroom Plate and an upgraded form of the Spaghetti Plate, the Meat Pasta Dish. The concoction looks like the white substance like the Dyllis Lunch, but with a different-colored sauce and two red toppings on top, along with three green edible balls on the side. Using this restores thirty HP and cures poison, restoring more HP than the two ingredients separately.

This recipe is almost identical to the Zess Dinner from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It looks almost identical except for having one more red and green ball.


Recipe Result of cooked item Game
Fried Shroom Plate + Meat Pasta Dish Dyllis Dinner Super Paper Mario
Dyllis Dinner + Fried Shroom Plate Luxurious Set

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェシーディナー
Jeshī Dinā
Dyllis Dinner

French Dîner du chef
Chef's Dinner
German Dillias Mahl
Dillia's Meal
Italian Cena Cannella
Dyllis Dinner
Korean 제시디너
Jesi Dineo
Dyllis Dinner

Spanish Menú Delia
Dyllis Menu