Star Medal (Super Paper Mario)

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This article is about the item in Super Paper Mario. For the collectible coin with the same name in Super Mario 3D Land, see Star Medal.
Star Medal
SPM Star Medal.png
Super Paper Mario description A super-shiny silver medal worth 1,000 points!

A Star Medal is an item found in Super Paper Mario. They can only be acquired by purchasing them at Howzit's shop at Flipside for fifty coins. When used, it gives the Player 1,000 Points, which is immediately added to their score (3,000 if the Speed Flower or Slow Flower is used).

Gold Medals are a stronger variety of the Star Medal, which add ten thousand Points to the Player's score, but cost five-hundred coins each.

Using these is beneficial as points serve as the player's EXP points in the game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターメダル
Sutā Medaru
Star Medal