Gold Medal (Super Paper Mario)

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Gold Medal
Gold Medal
Super Paper Mario description A super-rare gold medal worth 10,000 points!

A Gold Medal is an item found in Super Paper Mario. They can be acquired only by purchasing them at Notso's shop in Flopside for 500 coins. When used, a Gold Medal adds 10,000 Points to the player's score (30,000 if the Speed Flower or Slow Flower is used). Gold Medals are the equivalent of ten Star Medals, which cost 50 coins and add 1,000 Points to the player's score.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールドメダル
Gōrudo Medaru
Gold Medal
French Médaille d'or Golden medal
German Goldmedaille Gold Medal
Italian Medaglia d'Oro Golden Medal
Korean 골드메달
Goldeu Medal
Gold Medal
Spanish Medalla de oro Golden medal