Black Apple

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Black Apple
The Black Apple sprite.
Super Paper Mario description A black fruit from Overthere Stair. It tastes very weird… Restores 1 HP and cures poison. Most people notice no other effects.
“Ewwww, what WAS that?! What in the world did you just make me eat?!”
Princess Peach, Super Paper Mario

A Black Apple, also known colloquially as the "taboo fruit", is an item in Super Paper Mario. It restores one HP and cures poison. It can be found on a tree in Overthere Stair. The Black Apple is also the cure for Princess Peach after she eats the Golden Apple. The Black Apple is mentioned to taste bad, and Peach is very irate over the fact that her friends forced her to eat it. Unlike the other kinds of apples, having Saffron cook it produces a Mistake instead of Sky Juice.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 黒い実
Kuroi Mi
Black Fruit

French Pomme noire
Black Apple
German Schwarzer Apfel
Black Apple
Italian Mela nera
Black apple
Korean 검은 과일
Geomeun Gwail
Black Fruit

Spanish Manzana Negra
Black Apple