Odd Key

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Odd Key
OddKey PM.png
Paper Mario description Opens a locked door in the Odd House.

The Odd Key is a key found in the blue locked house, named the "Odd House", next to Tayce T.'s house in Toad Town in the game Paper Mario. The key opens a backdoor to Rip Cheato's room and a shortcut to the end of Toad Town Tunnels (since the start of the sewer's pipe is right in front of the locked house).

It has the same sprite as the Storeroom Key.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あやしいかぎ[1]
Ayashii Kagi
Odd Key

Chinese 古怪钥匙[2]
Gǔguài Yàoshi
Odd Key


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