Lucky Star (Paper Mario)

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This article is about the item from Paper Mario. For the item of the same name from Super Mario Bros. Special, see Lucky Star (Super Mario Bros. Special).
Lucky Star
LuckyStar PM.png
"A star-shaped pendant. Lets you use the action command."
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Twink with the Lucky Star

The Lucky Star is Princess Peach's pendant that gives Mario the ability to execute the Action Command for added attack and defensive power. Twink gives it to Mario early in the events of Paper Mario. After Mario talks to the Star Spirits on Shooting Star Summit, Twink will drop down towards Mario and explain to Mario who he is and what happened to Princess Peach and her current well-being. The Princess wanted Mario to know that she was OK and is counting on him to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Twink will then give Mario the Lucky Star. Mario will engage in a battle with a Magikoopa and test out the Action Commands that the Lucky Star lets him use. With the Lucky Star, Mario could bring power to his attacks as well as add to his defensive strength. Success or failure in it's implementation is all about timing. Pushing the right button at the right time would pummel his opponents, as well as soften their blows. The Lucky Star proves indeed to be very useful to Mario.

In volume 26 of Super Mario-Kun, the Lucky Star appears later in the story, but Mario receives it in a similar method. Twink receives the Lucky Star from Princess Peach and then delivers it to Mario. Once Mario has the Lucky Star, he is able to plow through a Magikoopa.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラッキースター[1]
Rakkī Sutā
Lucky Star
Chinese 幸运星
Xìngyùn Xīng
Lucky Star
French Bonne Etoile Good Star


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