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Different types of Punis from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
Latest appearance Super Paper Mario (2007) (cameo)
Notable members
“Uh... Are you sure your huge mustachioed man won't try to eat us?”
Puni, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The Punies are a species of small quadrupedal creatures which resemble insects found in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They live in the Great Tree located in the Boggly Woods. Mario must use them to defeat a rival clan, the Jabbies, twice in the Great Tree.

The name "Puni" is likely derived from「ぷにぷに」(punipuni), a Japanese word describing something squishy, but also resembles the English word "puny", meaning "small". The way Mario leads the Punies is very similar to Pikmin. Like the Pikmin, the Punies follow Mario everywhere and are used to solve puzzles, but they can scatter and depart from him if they get distracted. The number of Punies Mario leads is similar to Pikmin; Captain Olimar can lead 100 Pikmin while Mario leads 101 Punies. In addition, the glowing antenna the Punies sport on their heads mirrors both the Pikmins' stems and the antenna on Olimar's and Louie's helmet, and they closely resemble the Pikmin's original concept art.[1]

In battle, Punies are members of the audience and will swarm in if Mario pulls off a stylish move. If a loud noise emits, though, all Punies flee.

In Super Paper Mario, Fort Francis contains several models and posters of Puni characters.


As Mario was exploring Rogueport Sewers for the first time looking for the Thousand-Year Door, he stumbled upon a small insect creature which was, indeed, a Puni. However, it escaped through a small opening, and Mario was unable to interact with it.

Later, after Mario gets the first Crystal Star (the Diamond Star), he goes back to Rogueport Sewers, now with a new ability, which is turning sideways. Luckily for Mario, next to the opening in which the insect had gone through were bars. Mario went through these bars to find out that the insect was just behind them. Mario learns that this insect is named Punio, who tells Mario his homeland, Boggly Woods and primarily the Great Tree, is under attack, and that he needs his help.

The Great Boggly Tree[edit]

When Mario reaches the Great Tree through a "secret entrance", he is told by a few Punies, which were all hidden, that their friends have been locked up somewhere in the Great Tree. Upon freeing them, Mario and all the Punies in the Great Tree will attack the Jabbies, the Punies' rivals, who have allied with the X-Nauts. A total of 101 Punies, including Punio and Petuni, will temporarily join Mario during the events of Chapter 2.

After Mario defeats Lord Crump and the X-Nauts, the Punies will go back to their normal lives, and even make peace with the Jabbies.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プニ族
Puni Tribe

French Pouni
German Bubu
Italian Fufino
Spanish Puni


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