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Mist covering the battle stage.
Mist covering the stage

The stage is the setting in which all battles in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door take place. Mario and his partner stay on the left side of the stage, whereas enemies are positioned on the right side of the stage. South of the stage, there are audience seats that house the audience who watch over the battles.

Exclusive to the battle against Hooktail, the second phase of the fight takes place within the audience seats rather than onstage.

Stage ranks[edit]

Depending on Mario's level, the stage on which the battle takes place will change, increasing audience capacity and introducing new stage hazards.

Mario's level Stage rank Audience capacity New stage hazards
1-9 Rising Star 0-50 Background elements, bucket, and stage light
10-19 B-List Star 0-100 Fog nozzle, freeze nozzle, basin, and water
20-29 A-List Star 0-150 Explosion nozzle, fork, large bug, and small bugs
30-99 Superstar 0-200 Fire nozzle, Bowser statue, and meteor

Stage hazards[edit]

Stage hazards can be broken down into three main categories based on effect and internal triggers.

Background elements[edit]

Various elements of the stage's background can fall onstage during combat, such as trees or hills. They will deal 1 damage to whoever stands in the path of the falling prompt. Some background elements such as grass are also too short to hit anyone and thus are purely cosmetic. In battle with a ceiling, the ceiling can also be knocked down, grounding all enemies on the ceiling. The exception is the Chapter 5 encounter with Lord Crump where the ceiling is impossible to knock down.

Stage nozzles[edit]

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Nozzles mimicking pyrotechnics and special effects are introduced at the B-List Star Stage. The nozzle type is predetermined at the beginning of the battle and will remain the same for the entire rest of the battle. The three nozzles can be angled either at the player's side, in a neutral position, or at the enemy's side. Throughout the battle, the nozzles can change directions based on the player's attacks. Once the nozzles are determined to fire, each nozzle will shoot its respective effect at the side it is aimed at. If multiple nozzles fire at a single side, the effect will be stacked. For example, two fire jets will deal 2 damage and 6 turns of Burn. Fog will of course cloud the entire stage regardless of the position of the jets, although they will deal damage to parties they are pointing at, in case they are equipped with a P-Up, D-Down badge.

Nozzle Effect
Fog Deals 0 damage, and creates a veil of fog for 2 turns during which attacks that don't bypass evasion checks will have a 50% of missing.
Freeze Inflicts Freeze for 1 turn
Explosion Deals 2 explosion damage
Fire Deals 1 damage and inflicts Burn for 3 turns

Enemy Bob-omb explosions and all of Admiral Bobbery's moves can clear fog. Additionally, Bobbery's Appeal, Flurrie's Gale Force, and Ice Storm will also always clear fog.

Falling objects[edit]

Object Effect
Bucket Deals 1 damage to a character, and has a 50% chance to inflict Dizziness for 3 turns.
Stage light Deals 1 damage to a character, and has a 25% chance to inflict Electrification for 3 turns.
Basin Deals 1 damage to a character, and has a 50% chance to inflict Dizziness for 3 turns.
Water Clears most status effects to a character.
Fork Deals 2 damage to a character
Large bug Has a 50% chance to inflict Confusion for 3 turns to a character.
Small bugs Has a 50% chance to inflict confusion for 3 turns.
Bowser statue Deals 5 damage to all characters on one side of the stage (either Mario and his partner, or all enemies), and has a 100% chance to inflict confusion for 3 turns.
Meteor Deals 3 damage to everyone on stage, and has a 50% chance to inflict Dizziness for 3 turns.

Except for the Bowser statue and the meteor, all falling objects have a 10% of falling at the audience seats instead of onstage, scaring off audience members in a small range around the impact.


Most of Mario and his partners' moves have a chance to influence stage hazards in some way. Enemy attacks will not cause stage hazards except for the dragons' stomp attacks, which can cause falling objects. Shy Guys in the audience may also randomly trigger any type of stage hazard.