World 8 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

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World 8
Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Levels 10
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World 8 (also known as Bowser’s World[1]) is the final main world in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The world has a total of ten levels. This is the only World without a Koopaling as a Boss.

The Fortress here leads to a fight with Magikoopa, who previously in the game is only seen enhancing the Koopalings when the heroes reach them in castles. This world also features the third and final fight with Bowser Jr., once again on an airship. The final level features the two-part final battle with Bowser, who is not once seen in the game up until that point. The Enemy Course in this world is Podoboos between 8-3 and World 8-Fort Icon.pngTower on the bridge.


Level Preview Description
World 8-1 8-1nsmbwii.png In World 8-1, Mario and Co. have to go through a volcanic area full of lava.
World 8-2 8-2nsmbwii.png This level contains more falling debris and spinning wheels on the ground.
World 8-3 8-3nsmbwii.png The level starts out with giant lava waves that can instantly kill Mario and company.
World 8-Fort Icon.png 8-Fortressnsmbwii.png This tower is the first level to feature Fire Bars.
World 8-4 8-4nsmbwii.png After falling down a deep tunnel, Mario and co. will have to deal with several Stone Spikes.
World 8-5 8-5nsmbwii.png This course is an auto-scrolling course, featuring Tilt Lifts that can be moved by rotating the Wii Remote.
World 8-6 8-6nsmbwii.png This course takes place in a volcano with rising lava.
World 8-7 8-7nsmbwii.png The level is a secret level, and can only be unlocked by taking the secret path on World 8-2.
World 8-Airship Sprite.png 8-Airshipnsmbwii.png The last airship level in the game.
World 8-Bowser's Castle Sprite.png 8-Castle1nsmbwii.png This level is home to Bowser.

Level Previews[edit]

Level maps[edit]

New Enemies[edit]


  • This is the only world to have the airship come first, then the castle.
    • This is also the only world to have different castle and tower bosses.
  • The background music that plays in this world was remixed in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition as the music for World 7.


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