World Coin-5 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

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World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-5
NSMBW Coin-5.png
World-Level World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-5
World Coin Courses
Game New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Time limit 300 seconds
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This article is about the level from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. For the level from New Super Mario Bros. U, see World Coin-5 (New Super Mario Bros. U).

World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-5 is the fifth and final level of World Coin in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


This level is snow-themed, and characters must climb to the top to reach the pipe that leads to the end. This stage is auto-scrolling, and there are Yoshis and Penguin Suits in it. The primary enemies are Koopa Paratroopas.

Star Coins[edit]

  • Star Coin 1: In a compartment covered by Ice Blocks and Brick Blocks. Players need to be Super Mario to break the Brick Blocks.
  • Star Coin 2: Under a snowy platform. A running start then a jump is recommended.
  • Star Coin 3: Near the end of the level, under a snowy platform.


Name Image Amount
Red Koopa Troopa RedKoopaTroopa.png 16

Level map[edit]

Level map