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This article is about the minigame from Super Mario Odyssey. For the Bonus Challenge also known as "Slot" in Yoshi's Island DS, see Slot Machine (Yoshi's Island series). For other slot-based features found in the Mario franchise, see Slot Machine.

Slots is a minigame featured in Super Mario Odyssey. It originates from the Sand Kingdom and is run by a Tostarenan, but it is also found in the Metro Kingdom and in the Luncheon Kingdom. Mario must pay the Tostarenan 10 coins to play, and he must throw Cappy at the slots in order for them to stop. The possible prizes from the slots are a Power Moon, a regular heart, a Life-Up Heart, and 40 coins, received by matching all of their respective images; failing to win results in being awarded a single coin.

The slots in the Sand Kingdom have three images that need to be lined up, while the slots in the Metro Kingdom have four and the slots in the Luncheon Kingdom have five. Otherwise, gameplay remains the same among all kingdoms.

Obtaining all three Power Moons from the slots minigame unlocks the "Slots Machine" Toadette Achievement in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The music heard in the Slots rooms is an arrangement of the Spade Panel and N-Mark Spade Panel minigame music from Super Mario Bros. 3.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スロット
French Jeu du chapeau Hat Game
Italian Gioco del cappello Hat Game
Spanish (NOA) Maquinitas
Spanish (NOE) Juego del sombrero Hat Game