Jump-Rope Challenge

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“The Jump-Rope Challenge in our Metro Kingdom is zippy-skippy!”
New Donker, Super Mario Odyssey

The Jump-Rope Challenge is a minigame that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. The minigame takes place in the Metro Kingdom near the Main Street Entrance and involves jumping over a jump rope held by two New Donkers as many times as possible. This minigame starts off slow, but after every five jumps, the New Donkers rotate the rope faster until 50 jumps where the speed stops increasing. If Mario touches the rope or goes outside the area with the rope, it will count as a "MISS" and he will have to restart the minigame at zero jumps. There are two Power Moons that can be obtained from this minigame: one for jumping at least 30 times, and another for jumping at least 100 times. After every 100 jumps, cheering from a crowd can be heard.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese なわとびチャレンジ
Nawatobi Charenji
Jump-Rope Challenge
Chinese 跳绳挑战 (Simplified)
跳繩挑戰 (Traditional)
Tiàoshéng tiǎozhàn
Jump-Rope Challenge
French Corde à sauter Jump-Rope
Italian Salto della corda Rope jumping
Spanish (NOA) Desafío de la cuerda Rope challenge
Spanish (NOE) Desafío de la comba Jump-Rope challenge


  • If a player performs the Talkatoo glitch in a certain way, the Jump-Rope Challenge can be cheated to reach 99,999 jumps.[1]
    • The same can be done with another glitch that frees the letters from being locked in their intended boundaries. The player must have a letter walk up to the jump rope, jump out to trigger the switch that activates the jump rope, and then stand on top of that letter.[2]