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The Crazy Cap logo.
The Crazy Cap shop in Tostarena.

“Crazy Cap - Go Cap Crazy!”
Ad above New Donk City's store, Super Mario Odyssey

Crazy Cap is a franchise of shops appearing in Super Mario Odyssey.

The Crazy Cap brand originated in New Donk City in the Metro Kingdom. The original shop was opened in a building that was previously Dixie Theater, as with the popularity of street performers, the old theater was no longer in much demand.[1][2]

Since then, the Crazy Cap stores have spread all over the world, and appear in every kingdom in the game.

Crazy Cap shops specialize in selling various outfits and hats. They also sell Life-Up Hearts and Power Moons, as well as souvenir stickers and models.

The logo of the brand has yellow and purple coloring, which references how each shop is divided into two sections. The yellow sections sell items that the player can buy with global yellow coins, while the purple sections requires the player to spend purple regional coins.

Each shop sells a Power Moon for 100 yellow coins, a reference to how Mario earns a Power Star in Super Mario 64 and a Shine Sprite in Super Mario Sunshine for collecting 100 coins.

List of items sold in Crazy Cap stores[edit]

Purchasable everywhere[edit]

Image Name Official Description Price
Life-Up Heart This heart-shaped item raises your maximum life value. 50 yellow coins
Fashionable Cap An upscale upgrade to an upstanding hero's upper half 50 yellow coins
Fashionable Outfit I'm not clashing. YOU'RE clashing! 150 yellow coins
Mechanic Cap A good hat to wear when it's time to get down to work 50 yellow coins
Mechanic Outfit An outfit seemingly doomed to get stained in motor oil. 150 yellow coins
Black Fedora Perfect for business, business-casual, casual, or casual business! 50 yellow coins
Black Suit You can wear this outfit anywhere - it always looks good. 150 yellow coins
Pirate Hat YARRRR! 50 yellow coins
Pirate Outfit Whether plundering cargo or burying treasure, you're gonna need an extremely fancy coat. 150 yellow coins
Clown Hat The perfect hat for pratfalls, teeny cars, and wasting good pie. 50 yellow coins
Clown Suit Roomy enough for all your tumbling needs, colorful enough to be seem from space. 150 yellow coins
Employee Cap A Crazy Cap original! 50 yellow coins
Employee Uniform Show your Crazy Cap brand loyalty with this striking outfit! 150 yellow coins
Boxer Shorts Comfortable, breezy boxers in a vibrant mushroom-like pattern. 1000 yellow coins

New Donk City[3][edit]

Image Name Official Description Price
Metro Kingdom Moon A moon from the mean streets of New Donk City. 100 yellow coins
Builder Helmet Whether you're building or inspecting, you gotta keep your head safe. 5 local coins
Builder Outfit The perfect outfit whether you're constructing or inspecting the construction work of others. 10 local coins
SMO Sticker - New Donk City.png Metro Kingdom Sticker A sticker inspired by mayor Pauline. 10 local coins
New Donk City Hall Model This miniature model of New Donk City Hall (with working lights!) has been a great hit with fans of Metro Kingdom. 5 local coins
Pauline Statue The statue of New Donk City's mayor, Pauline, was made as a testament to her enduring popularity. 25 local coins


Image Name Official Description Price
Power Moon SAND.png Sand Kingdom Moon A moon that was discovered in Tostarena. 100 yellow coins
Sombrero Traditional Tostarenan hat. Keeps the sun out of your eyes and just plain fun to wear. 5 local coins
Poncho Traditional folk dress of the Tostarena region. Keeps the sun off and the breezes on. 10 local coins
Cowboy Hat A classic hat, perfectly suited for wearing as you ride into sunsets. 20 local coins
Cowboy Outfit Old-fashioned duds with a frontier feel. Gunslinging and cow-punching optional. 25 local coins
SMO Sticker - Tostarena.png Sand Kingdom Sticker A sticker inspired by the Inverted Pyramid. 10 local coins
Jaxi Statue In the Tostarena region, the Jaxi has lived alongside the people since the ancient times. This statue is made from the stones of the ruins! 5 local coins
Pyramid Model A famous location in the Tostarena ruins. Even the tiniest details are faithfully re-created, like the reliefs etched onto the walls 25 local coins

Steam Gardens[5][6][edit]

Image Name Official Description Price
Wooded Kingdom Moon  ? 100 yellow coins
Explorer Hat Just because the territory is uncharted doesn’t mean your head should be uncovered. 5 local coins
Explorer Outfit Clothes that keep you comfortable even in the deepest heart of the wilderness. 10 local coins
Gardener Hat  ? 20 local coins
Gardener Outfit  ? 25 local coins
SMO Sticker - Steam Gardens.png Wooded Kingdom Sticker A sticker inspired by the Wedding Bouquet. 10 local coins
Flowers Model  ? 5 local coins
Steam Gardener Model  ? 25 local coins

Mount Volbono[edit]


Image Name Official Description Price
Luncheon Kingdom Moon A power moon that was saved from the Mount Volbono volcano. 100 yellow coins
Chef's Hat Anyone wearing one of these makes many friends on Mount Volbono. 5 local coins
Chef's Suit Red scarves are a staple of fashion on Mount Volbono. 10 local coins
Painter's Cap Is it even really painting if you're not wearing one of these? 20 local coins
Painter Outfit Just the outfit you'd expect to see on a painter. Prestained for your convenience. 25 local coins
SMO Sticker - Mount Volbono.png Luncheon Kingdom Sticker A sticker inspired by the Peronza Plaza 10 local coins
Souvenir Forks Inspired by the people of Mount Volbono, this cute pair of tall and short fork looks a bit like parent and child. 5 local coins
Vegetable Plate This toy food let's you pretend you're cooking with real ingredients from Mount Volbono. They can also be stacked like blocks! 25 local coins


Image Name Official Description Price
Seaside Kingdom Moon A moon that was plucked from the Bubblaine coast. 100 yellow coins
SMO Sticker - Bubblaine.png Seaside Kingdom Sticker  ? 10 local coins

Fossil Falls[9][edit]

Image Name Official Description Price
Cascade Kingdom Power Moon A Power Moon that was dug up from the Fossil Falls. 100 yellow coins
Caveman Headwear Primitive plumbers fashioned these from the skulls of Parabones. 5 local coins
Caveman Outfit Early adventurers wore these outfits for maximum freedom of movement, if not maximum warmth. 10 local coins
SMO Sticker - Fossil Falls.png Cascade Kingdom Sticker A sticker inspired by the T-Rex.[10] 5 local coins
T-Rex Model This dino's pose is so impressivly lifelike, you can almost hear it roar! 5 local coins
Triceratops Trophy A replica of a real dinosaur fossil from the Cascade Kingdom. Hang this on a wall, and it'll completly transform a room! 25 local coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Russian Крейзи Кэп[11]
Crazy Cap
Crazy Cap


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