Great Ring of Kong

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Great Ring of Kong
The Great Ring of Kong from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
A bird's-eye view of the Great Ring of Kong
First appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
Greater location Jungle Kingdom

The Great Ring of Kong (alternatively Donkey Kong Stadium for its Jakks Pacific playset) is a location in The Super Mario Bros. Movie in the Jungle Kingdom where Mario fights Donkey Kong. It is an elliptical floating structure with an Inca-like aesthetic, shaped like a coliseum with a hole at the bottom and is connected with bridges with two floating islands. It features several objects from the Super Mario and Donkey Kong franchises.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie[edit]

When Mario, Princess Peach, and Toad go to the Jungle Kingdom to persuade Cranky Kong to lend the Great Kong Army's support in defeating Bowser, Cranky agrees on the condition that Mario defeat Donkey Kong in a duel at the Great Ring of Kong. While the audience is crowded with Kongs, Peach and Toad watch the fight from a balcony next to Cranky, who sits on his throne. When DK walks into the stadium, he shows off his moves, causing the audience to cheer before an annoyed Cranky tells everyone to settle down. The fight begins and Donkey easily overpowers Mario in the beginning, immediately pinning him down and smacking his face. As DK briefly showboats to the audience, Mario takes the chance to use a power-up, dodging DK's attack and hitting a ? Block, grabbing a mushroom. He ends up mistakenly eating a Mini Mushroom, shrinking him. DK promptly flicks him onto a wall and back to his normal size.

Donkey Kong laughing at Mario's Cat Suit

As Mario once again barely dodges another attack from DK, he then punches a ? Block to find a Fire Flower, only for DK to blow the fires out before he can use them. In a panic, Mario throws several punches and kicks, barely fazing DK as he then uppercuts him back onto the bridge and pummels him with wrestling moves, barrels, and finally uppercutting him again into the sky. As a dazed Mario soars in the air in slow motion, Peach reminds him of the power-ups, and he regains his senses and punches another ? Block to turn into Cat Mario. DK immediately laughs at him, along with some of the audience, and attempts to punch him, only for Mario to instinctively dodge it, making him realize he was given improved agility and speed. Using his new cat powers, Mario turns the tables on DK and scratches him until he collapses, knocked out. Mario wins the fight and consequently the Jungle Kingdom's help.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Grande arena dei Kong
Grande Ring dei Kong (in books)
Great Kong's arena
Great Ring of the Kongs
Portuguese (NOA) Grande Arena dos Kongs
Great Arena of the Kongs
Romanian Marele ring al lui Kong
The great ring of Kong
Spanish Gran Ring de los Kongs
Great Ring of the Kongs