Trouble Center

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Inside the Trouble Center in East Rogueport

The Trouble Center (spelt as Trouble Centre in the PAL release to match the British spelling) is a building found during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, located in East Rogueport. Inside the building is a bulletin board where various characters will post particular troubles that they need someone's assistance with, such as bringing someone a requested item or making a delivery. Once Mario successfully completes a trouble, he will receive a reward. These rewards are determined by the person who posted the trouble, and range from different amounts of coins to specific items.

Troubles are sidequests, much like the favors that Koopa Koot recruited Mario for in Paper Mario. However, rather than completing the troubles in order, Mario can pick and choose the troubles he wishes to do from a list. Every time Mario completes another chapter, more troubles will be added to the list.

Troubles are completely optional, as Mario can finish the game without setting foot in the Trouble Center, although he will miss out on several good rewards if he does not. Completion of all troubles yields no special reward, so it is possible for the player to pick and choose which troubles they would like to complete, while omitting the more tedious or undesirable ones.

When Mario takes on a trouble, there is no time limit for when it must be finished. However, Mario can only take on one trouble at a time, and canceling a trouble he signed up for will cost him 30 coins.

The back wall of the Trouble Center is blank, but Flurrie can blow away the wall to reveal the door to Goose's room, the Robbo Gang member who is secretly running the whole operation.

After Prologue[edit]

Title Requestor Location
Need a Key! Garf East side of Rogueport, outside his house
Safe Delivery... McGoomba Rogueport Main Square, in the back alley.
Price Adjustment Arfur Rogueport, in front of the Trouble Center.
Find this guy! Goomther Rogueport, next to the gallows.
Hit me, please! Mousimilian Rogueport, outside the Toad Bros. Bazaar.
I'm hungry! Bomberto Rogueport Harbor

After clearing Chapter 1[edit]

Title Requestor Location
Try to find me! Koopook Hooktail Castle, on the Fifth Floor right near the room where the player meets Ms. Mowz.
Listen to me! Mayor Kroop Petalburg, Kroop's residence.
Order me an item! Plenn T. Toad Bros. Bazaar

After clearing Chapter 2[edit]

Title Requestor Location
Emergency Shroom! Puni Elder Great Tree
Play with me! Lahla Rogueport, the Pianta Parlor.
Help my Daddy! Pine T. Jr. Rogueport Sewers, the entrance to the Pit of 100 Trials

After clearing Chapter 3[edit]

Title Requestor Location
Help Wanted! Jolene Glitzville's Glitz Pit
Heartful Cake Recipe... Merlee Rogueport Sewers
The food I want Bub-ulber Petalburg

After clearing Chapter 4[edit]

Title Requestor Location
Elusive Badge! Ms. Mowz (Posted as ???) Rogueport, on the roof of Zess T.'s house.
Newsletter... Mayor Dour Twilight Town
Seeking Legendary Book! Zess T. Rogueport, Zess T.'s house.

After clearing Chapter 5[edit]

Title Requestor Location
Tell that person... Eve Twilight Town, next door to the shop.
Looking for a gal! Goom Goom Pirate's Grotto

After clearing Chapter 6[edit]

Title Requestor Location
Important Thing! Frankie Rogueport, in the park.
Get these ingredients! Chef Shimi Excess Express
I must have that book. Toodles Poshley Heights
Security Code... Businessman Glitzville

After clearing Chapter 7[edit]

Title Requestor Location
Delivery, please! Goldbob Poshley Heights
I can't speak! Gob Fahr Outpost, behind the inn.
I wanna meet Luigi! Toadia Poshley Heights, right near the Sanctum

After clearing all Chapters[edit]

Title Requestor Location
Roust these cads! Doe T. Boggly Woods
Help me make up. Bub Poshley Heights
Erase that graffiti! Swob Fahr Outpost, next to the cannon statue.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おなやみセンター
Onayami Sentā
"Your Worries" Center
Spanish (NOE) Centro de Servicios Personalizados Personalized Services Center