Blarggwich (sandwich)

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A Blarggwich in Yoshi's New Island
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)
Variant of Blarggwich

Blarggwiches sandwiched between two Flatbed Ferries are Blarggs that appear in Yoshi's New Island, being found in Count Fang's Castle. When the player ground-pounds on one, the Blarggwich turns red with angry yellow eyes and stretches. Blarggwiches with yellow Flatbed Ferries are stationary, while those with red Flatbed Ferries move along tracks.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウンババサンド
Unbaba Sando
Blargg Sandwich

Dutch Blarggwich
French (NOA) Blop Sandwich
French (NOE) Blargg sandwich
Sandwich Blargg
German Quetsch-Blargg
Squashed Blargg
Italian Blargg Sandwich
Sandwich Blargg
Korean 짜자잔샌드[1]
Jjajajan Saendeu
Blargg Sandwich; "샌드" is a shortened version of "sandwich"

Portuguese Blargguíche
From "Blargg" and "sanduíche" (sandwich)
Russian Студнеброд
From "Студнезавр" (Studnezavr, Blargg) and "бутербро́д" (buterbród, sandwich)

Spanish Blargüich
Spanish (NOE) Blarggcordeón


  1. ^ "짜자잔샌드는 위에 올라타 충격을 가해 보세요! 슈웅~ 늘어날 거예요." (Get on the Blarggwich and apply force to it! It will stretch.) - Message Block in World 2-8 of Yoshi's New Island