Big Beanie

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Big Beanie
Artwork of Big Beanie, from Yoshi's New Island.
Species Mame-san
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)
“You made it?! HUGE mistake. Say hello to Big Beanie and his unstoppable vines!”
Kamek, Yoshi's New Island

Big Beanie is an enlarged Mame-san that acts as the World 1 boss of Yoshi's New Island. He is planted with Kamek's hammer and turns into a beanstalk leading to the sky with himself at the top.


Big Beanie is a giant beanstalk, though Big Beanie himself is a large chili pepper-shaped bean pod growing on the top of the plant.


Big Beanie from Yoshi's New Island

Big Beanie attacks by spitting out Mame-san from his mouth, which can provide Yoshi with some eggs. When he is hit, Big Beanie turns red, raises an indestructible spiked beanstalk in front of him that prevents Yoshi from damaging him in this state, and summons more spiked beanstalks from below that hurt Yoshi upon contact. Eventually, Big Beanie turns green again and the spiked beanstalk retracts back through the clouds and is replaced with a normal beanstalk that shares the same function of protecting him; however, it can be destroyed by eggs, which allows Yoshi to hit him again. Upon turning green after being hit a second time, two normal beanstalks as opposed to just one are raised to protect Big Beanie, and he is defeated if the player repeats this process once more.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグマメさん
Biggu Mame-san
Big Mame-san
French Harry Boss "Harry" comes from haricot ("bean")
German Hektor Hülsenfrucht Hector Legume
Italian Fagiolonzio Invented pejorative term derived from fagiolo (bean)
Korean 거대콩도리
Geodae Kongdo'ri
"거대" (geodae, big) + "콩" (kong, bean) + altered form of "돌이" (the male diminutive suffix -dol'i)
Portuguese (NOE) Feijão Grandão From "grand" with augmentative suffix -ão", and "feijão" means "bean".
Russian Cтручкoмандир
From cтручок (struchok, pod) and командир (komandir, commander)
Spanish (NOE) Malavaina Bad Pod, a pun on the expression meaning "bad mood"