Nintendo Hearts Fun Trivia Quiz

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Nintendo Hearts Fun Trivia Quiz
Icon for Nintendo Hearts Fun Trivia Quiz
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Genre Quiz
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Nintendo Hearts Fun Trivia Quiz was a skill quiz on the Play Nintendo website.[1] The subject of this quiz were hearts in Nintendo games. It has been replaced with another quiz on the same subject.


The player was given a total of eight questions to answer. Each question provided four answers to choose from, with only one of them being the correct answer. The player had to press "Check Answer" to see if the answer they selected was correct. If they selected the correct answer, their answer would be highlighted green. If the player answered incorrectly, the answer that they chose would be highlighted red, and the correct answer would be highlighted green. At the end of the quiz, a message would pop up saying how many questions the player got out of eight. The player then could choose to retake the quiz or to take a different quiz on the website.


Correct answers are written in bold.

  1. Which Nook’s Homes employee has a not-so-secret crush on Digby?
    • Rosie
    • Lyle
    • Lottie
    • You, the Player
      • Right: Yup! Lottie’s crushin’ pretty bad. And the heart above her head is a dead giveaway!
      • Wrong: Nope. Guess you didn't notice either. Lottie adores Digby, but even with the heart that appears over her head he’ll probably be the last to know.
  2. What happens when Donkey Kong runs out of Hearts in the Donkey Kong Country Returns game?
    • He mopes around the treehouse, eating bananas.
    • He steals a Heart from Diddy Kong.
    • He goes online to order some new Hearts.
    • He loses a life.
      • Right: It’s sad but true! Two Hearts are better than one, and one Heart is better than none.
      • Wrong: Good guess! But the wrong one. If Donkey Kong (or another playable Kong) runs out of Hearts, it’s game over!
  3. You can raise the difficulty of a level in the Kid Icarus: Uprising game by dropping hearts into which giant bowl?
    • Pit’s Pot
    • Chaos Kin’s Kiln
    • Pandora’s Box
    • The Fiend’s Cauldron
      • Right: You got it! A Fiend in need is a Fiend indeed. More hearts = higher level difficulty = more rewards!
      • Wrong: Nice try, but the correct name is The Fiend’s Cauldron. At least we know you must’ve stewed over that response for a while.
  4. What does HP stand for in the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam game?
    • Hippo Phones
    • Heart Points
    • Happy Paper
    • Heart Pillows
      • Right: Correct! HP stands for Heart Points. But Hippo Phones would be a pretty cool item, right?
      • Wrong: Nope. You picked a totally fake name. But at least it was a funny one. You should get extra points for that.
  5. Which Combo restores team health in the Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition game?
    • [Leaf Orb]
    • [Fire Orb]
    • [Heart Orb]
    • [Star Orb]
      • Right: Excellent! You’ve got a clean bill of health. In this game, Heart Orbs are kinda like health insurance for the whole team.
      • Wrong: Wrong answer. Are you feeling OK? Have a heart! A Heart Orb Combo will restore your team’s health.
  6. What is the name of Princess Peach’s heart-filled Final Smash in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games?
    • Heart Attack
    • Peach Blossom
    • Love Sick
    • Peach Power
      • Right: Peachy keen, jelly bean! Using Princess Peach’s Peach Blossom causes some opponents to take a sweet little nap.
      • Wrong: So sorry, but no. Princess Peach’s secret weapon is called Peach Blossom. How sweet!
  7. What happens if you win this heart-tapping minigame from the Tomodachi Life game?
    • The player successfully causes a marriage proposal.
    • The player will cause the Mii characters to break up.
    • The Mii characters will start dating other characters.
    • Each Mii character will adopt a cat.
      • Right: Hearts afire! You got it right! You’re quite the matchmaker, aren’t you?
      • Wrong: Nope. You should propose another answer! Some hearts go “boom-boom-boom,” but this one goes “tap-tap-tap”!
  8. What’s so special about the hearts in the life bar in the Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes game?
    • You can use the hearts to bribe enemies.
    • All 3 players have to share the hearts.
    • The hearts break if you lose a life.
    • They're filled with secrets.
      • Right: Sharing means caring. It’s not easy sharing a life bar with someone else, but that’s the challenge!
      • Wrong: Ha! Now you’re just being silly. Players have to share those hearts, so be careful!


  • 0/8 - 2/8: You missed a bunch. But keep heart! You can always try again.
  • 3/8 - 4/8: So close! Look into your heart and find the (correct) answers there.
  • 5/8 - 6/8: You missed a few... but at least your heart was in it.
  • 7/8 - 8/8: You did a great job! That wasn’t so heart, was it?

Description and tagline[edit]

Have a heart
Video games are full of hearts. Lots and lots and lots of hearts. A surprising amount of hearts, when you think about it. So we’ve created a heart-y quiz for you!

Listen to your heart
It could be telling you to take this video game heart quiz!



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