Mushroom Kingdom Create-a-Card (holiday)

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Mushroom Kingdom Create-a-Card
Title screen
Title screen
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Pointing device

Mushroom Kingdom Create-a-Card, referred to as Nintendo Custom Card Creator in the title of its web page, is an activity on the Play Nintendo website[1] in which users can design custom holiday greeting cards with Super Mario-themed decorations. It can only be used on desktop and tablet devices. A non-holiday version of this activity is also available on the website.


Reviewing a card
Reviewing a card

The user can add a background and apply greetings, characters and items from the Super Mario franchise onto a canvas. There is a "clear" button which can be used to reset the card and a "randomize" button which can be used to generate a predetermined card design. On a different screen, the user can compose their own message, which will accompany the card's cover picture. To review the card, the user must click "I'm done!" They can then choose to create another card (which will erase the current one) or download the current card in PDF and JPG formats.


Greetings, characters and items can be repositioned and resized.






The following composites can appear when picking "Randomize".

Message text colors[edit]

The written message can be displayed in the following colors.

Black #000000
Blue #258DFA
Green #0DB14B
Red #FF0628
Pink #EF4D8F
Yellow #FFD200
Purple #A800FF
Light green #A0E300
Orange #FF8400

Description and tagline[edit]

Create cool custom cards
You can send warm wishes (and maybe a Goomba or two) this holiday season with your own custom-designed cards, thank-you notes, and more!

Spread holiday cheer!
You can design custom cards with the help of Mario and friends!



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