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Dream Team enemy
Sprite of a Sandoon in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Dozing Sands
Role Common
Position Normal
Level 10
HP 52
Power 50
Defense 53
Speed 32
Weakness None
Experience 30 (36)
Coins 12 (100%)
Item drop Super Mushroom (4%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 11
World Real

Sandoons are animate sand enemies with pink plumage on their head and Capnap-like eyes that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the field, Sandoons are submerged in the sand, and their eyes are the only parts visible unless approached; at that point, the Sandoon jumps out of the sand and chases Mario and Luigi relentlessly for a while if it notices them.

The brothers are required to fight two Sandoons who were harassing some of the Shelltop workers.


In battle, Sandoons may attack by submerging themselves and appearing before the Bro. they are about to charge into while still half-submerged, who must jump to avoid it. Sandoons can also attack by looking at the Bro. they are about to attack, submerging themselves to the point only their eyes can be seen occasionally, then sticking its eyes out each time it gets nearer to the brothers. Once close enough, it will pop out under them to swallow him whole. Mario or Luigi must hammer the Sandoon's eyes when it pops out right before the targeted brother.

If eaten, the brother takes damage on each of that Sandoon's turn, including the turn it eats them, but he is given a chance to do small but plentiful amounts of damage by frantically shaking about in the Sandoon's mouth while taking damage. While a brother is stuck inside a Sandoon, a mouth becomes visible, opening occasionally; a brother takes half the damage done to that Sandoon by the other brother. Once the Sandoon holding the brother captive is defeated, he is freed. If a Sandoon gulps a brother while a Boo Biscuit is active, it deactivates for him, and the eaten brother can take damage while in the Sandoon.

Short Sandoons sometimes appear in pairs in Torkscrew's battle occasionally during its background attack, and must be jumped over.

Sandoons have Dream World counterparts known as Dreamy Sandoons.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デューン

French Sablon
From sable ("sand")
German Wunderdüne
Wonder Dune
Italian Duno
Masculine form of duna ("dune")
Portuguese Dunareia
From duna ("dune") and areia ("sand")
Russian Сыпун
From сыпать (sypat, "to pour") and possibly -ун (-un, Russian suffix equivalent to "-er")

Spanish (NOA) Dunato
From duna ("dune") and possibly "Donato" (given name of Italian origin)
Spanish (NOE) Dunante
From duna ("dune") and tunante ("thug")