Dream World

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This article is about the series of locations in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. For other dream worlds, see Subcon and Dream Depot.
A screenshot of the game.
Mario and Dreamy Luigi traverse the Dream World

The Dream World is a series of locations in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Whenever Luigi takes a nap on a Pi'illo (petrified or otherwise), a Dream Portal opens, allowing access to the Dream World. Mario is capable of jumping through this portal and entering the Dream World itself, where he joins forces with Luigi's Dream World counterpart, Dreamy Luigi.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 夢世界
Yume Sekai
Dream World
Chinese (Traditional) 夢境世界[1]
Mèngjìng Shìjiè
Dream World
Dutch Dromenland Dream Land
French (NOE) Monde onirique Oneiric world
German Traumwelt Dream World
Italian Mondo onirico Dream world
Russian Мир грез
Mir grez
World of dreams
Spanish (NOA) Mundo onírico Dream World
Spanish (NOE) Mundo de los sueños World of dreams