Dream Depot

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Dream Depot from Mario Party 5

Dream Depot is a place, said to be in outer space, where all dreams in the Mushroom Kingdom go. Dream Depot is guarded by the seven Star Spirits from Paper Mario, now named the Star Guards. In the Story Mode of Mario Party 5, Bowser and Koopa Kid try to take over Dream Depot and cause the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom to have the inability to dream. Hearing this, Misstar requests Mario and his friends to stop Bowser and Koopa Kid. They have to defeat the Koopa Kid trio and chase Bowser and Koopa Kid across four out of six dreams (in random order) including Toy Dream, Rainbow Dream, Pirate Dream, Undersea Dream, Future Dream, and Sweet Dream, until they reach Bowser's dream, Bowser Nightmare, where they play a final minigame, Frightmare, to defeat Bowser.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユメミール
Yume Mīru
Corruption of 「夢見る」 yume miru, "I dream".
Chinese (Simplified) 梦中世界
Mèngzhōng Shìjiè
World in Dream
Italian Sognilandia Dreamsland
Spanish Oniria From onírico (oniric)