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Dream Team enemy
Thorb from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Location(s) Mushrise Park
Role Common
Position Normal
Level 5
HP 12
Power 36
Defense 46
Speed 28
Weakness None
Experience 16 (19)
Coins 6 (100%)
Item drop Nut (5%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 6
World Real

Thorbs are spiky pumpkin-like enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, being an introductory enemy to using hammers. They appear commonly in Mushrise Park. In battle, Thorbs compress themselves down and spiral into Mario and Luigi in a clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern once, who must jump over it when it gets near them in order to avoid taking damage. They also approach a Bro., and run at them with their spikes pointed at them, much like Capnaps. The targeted Bro. must hammer the Thorb when it gets within range to counter-attack and avoid taking damage. The name Thorb comes from their thorny head and their orb-shaped body.

Being spiky, it takes no damage from jump attacks; jumping on it will deal 1 point of damage to Mario or Luigi.

Two Thorbs are seen harassing a Toad, which Mario and Luigi must battle. This battle serves as a tutorial for hammer attacks.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲキューコン
Toge Kyūkon
Thorn Bulb

French (NOA) Boulépine
Contraction of "Boule d'Épine" (Thorn Ball)
French (NOE) Boulapik
A pun and an abbreviation of "boule à piques" (spiked ball)
German Stachzel
From "stachel" (spike)
Italian Radikorn
From "radice" (root) and "corno" (horn)
Portuguese Espinhola
From "espinho" (thorn) and "bola" (ball)
Russian Круглошип
From "круглый" (kruglyj, round) and "шип" (ship, spike)

Spanish (NOA) Bolina
Feminine diminutive form of "bolita" (small ball)
Spanish (NOE) Espibola
From "espina" (thorn) and "bola" (ball)