Shock Bomb

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Icon for the Shock Bomb in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

A Shock Bomb is a bomb with an exclamation on its center appearing in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. If used in battle, all enemies on-screen will be dizzy, but some enemies, like a boss, will absorb the effect without anything happening. When fighting Torkscrew, if it is hiding under the ground, using the Shock Bomb won't make it dizzy, but will make it pop out of the sand. They can be bought from shops for 50 coins, and they can be found in several ? Blocks throughout the game.

The Shock Bomb makes a cameo in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam during the Know-it-all Toads' quizzes, where its image is used for incorrect answers in certain questions.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Bombe surprise Surprise bomb
Italian Bomba sorpresa Surprise bomb
Portuguese Bomba surpresa Surprise bomb
Russian Шок-бомба
Shock Bomb
Spanish (NOE) Bomba sorpresa Surprise bomb