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The Drilldigger from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

The Drilldigger is a large mechanical digging device that Mario and Luigi work together to use in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Britta, working with several Shelltops at a construction site at Dozing Sands, wants to transform the area into a tourist attraction. Mario and Luigi agree to help her by using the Drilldigger to destroy boulders and even some rocks containing Pi'illo pillows that contain Dream Portals that lead to Dreamy Dozing Sands. The machine operates on a rail and automatically moves in one direction when Mario and Luigi mount it. The left drill of the Drilldigger is green while the right drill is red, corresponding to Mario and Luigi's colors. Mario and Luigi use Hammers to activate one of the drills; the machine does not move when a drill is in use. Mario and Luigi can stop the machine and get off if Mario hits the red button on one of the gray stations. Mario and Luigi can switch direction of the Drilldigger if Luigi hits a green switch with a U-turn icon with the drill. Drilldigger Panels around the area indicate where the rails split and which path the Drilldigger will take. Mario and Luigi can change the direction by using the Mole Mario technique by going underneath the panel and jumping out.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホリンダー
Portmanteau of「掘る」(horu, to excavate) and possibly「シリンダー」(shirindā, cylinder)
Italian Ultrascavatore Ultradigger
Spanish (NOE) Cavataladradora Digdrill