River Twygz

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Mario traveling on the waters of River Twygz
Mario in the River Twygz
Mario at the bottom of the river

The River Twygz is a subsection of The Underwhere in Super Paper Mario. It is said to be filled with the tears of sinners, giving it a purple color. Charold will ferry the player across the river for 4 coins, but it is not required. The river is inhabited by Underhands, invincible, skeletal hands that lunge towards Mario and co to damage them.

When Mario is asked by Queen Jaydes to search for Luvbi, she mentions to him that someone dressed in green clothing was seen falling into the river; while remarking that this could not be the missing Nimbi, she advises that the hero investigate the sighting, granting him a key so that he can explore the riverbed and the tunnels beneath it. The man in green, Luigi, presumably fell into the River Twygz after being sent to the Underwhere by Dimentio. After solving a series of puzzles, Mario is reunited with his brother, and the two continue the search for Luvbi.

The name of the river is a pun on the River Styx (commonly pronounced "sticks", whereas this river is pronounced "twigs"), a similar river in the Greek Underworld. In Greek mythology, souls of the dead are ferried across the river by Charon (himself represented by Charold) after paying him a coin. If one was not able to pay Charon, then they might instead try swimming across the river, and most likely be stuck in it for all eternity. The Underhands are likewise based on the souls in the River Styx, which may also be referenced by the unintelligible voices that can be heard in the music that plays at the river's bed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サンズ・リバー
Sanzu Ribā
From Sanzu River.
French Rivière des larmes River of Tears
German Fluss Unnüx River Unnüx; play on Unnütz (useless) and Styx (River Styx).
Italian Fiume Ztige Ztyx River; from Stige (Styx) but with a diffrent inital.
Korean 황천 리버
Hwangcheon Libeo
Nether River
Spanish Río Estigiax Estigiax River. Estigiax comes from Río Estigia (the Spanish name of River Styx).


  • The music at the bottom of the River Twygz contains corrupted voice clips.