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Mario and Yoshi fighting an Unchimu
Species Feces
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 7 (1993)

Unchimu is an original RPG-style enemy that Mario and Yoshi face in the last chapter Super Mario-kun volume 7.

While looking for the Star Hana in the tall grass, Yoshi comes across a pile of feces and jokingly treats it as an enemy, but much to their surprise, it actually comes to life and fights them back. After shocking Yoshi with a laser from its mouth, Mario awaits for its next move, but the Unchimu explains that, following the RPG rules, it is their turn to attack now. With just a few punches, the duo wins and enjoys the loot.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウンチム
From 「ウンチ」 (unchi, feces)