Big Steely

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Big Steely
BigSteely SMW.png
A giant ball that will roll left to right or on a path.

First Appearance

Super Mario World (1990)

Effect on Player

A Big Steely will attempt to roll into the player, resulting in that player losing health.

Big Steelies[1] (also referred to as "bowling balls" in Mario Mania Player's Guide) are large iron balls that appear in Super Mario World in the last battle with Bowser. He drops these from his Koopa Clown Car. Mario can jump over them to avoid getting hit. Mario can also spin jump on them without getting hurt. It can be destroyed if Mario uses his sliding cape attack against it using a Cape Feather but it will show a glitched sprite.

In the Super Mario World episode "Send in the Clown", King Koopa attempts to defeat Mario in one scene by dropping a Big Steely on him, which Mario dodges.

King Koopa, with the same method, is shown dropping a Big Steely after Yoshi hits him with his Mechakoopas. Mario, however, uses a golf club and knocks the Big Steely at him.

Big Steelies are mentioned in Super Smash Bros. Melee in the Koopa Clown Car trophy, once again labelled as "bowling balls".

Graphics for Big Steely-like objects exist unused in the Super Mario Bros. game style object graphics in Super Mario Maker. The sprite is green instead of dark gray, however.



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