Western Junction

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Western Junction
MSM 2-1 Hockey.png
Sport(s) available Dodgeball, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball

Western Junction is a western-themed court in Mario Sports Mix. Being one of the few courts with little to no influence to any other courts in the game, Western Junction is available to all sports in the game, but to some modes such as dodgeball as an unlockable, while a starting court to others.

The main feature of this court is the constantly rotating turntables. The turntables can make players run faster or slower, depending if they go against it or with it. Depending on the sport of play, the number of the turntables can change. What all these turntables can do, regardless of their quantity, is to provide a passageway for a train to occasionally cross through this court. A train approaching is signaled by a railroad crossing signal. Any player that gets hit by a train gets knocked away. Shy Guys on the train then either throw bananas or coins to the players, harming or helping them. It is more likely for the Shy Guys to throw bananas than coins.

The train normally follows a vertical path, but in Volleyball, it follows a horizontal path, and can get in the way of spikes.

The court also appears in the Bob-omb Dodge party game, but the train does not appear.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テーブルウエスタン
Tēburu Uesutan
Table Western
Italian Crocevia del West [Far] West Crossroad
Spanish Estación del desierto Desert Station


  • In Mario Sports Mix's Volleyball mode, this is one of the two stages to change the volleyball's color, in this case, green. The other is Koopa Troopa Beach, which uses a blue volleyball.