Ghoulish Galleon

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Not to be confused with Gloomy Galleon.
Ghoulish Galleon
Sport(s) available Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Dodgeball

Ghoulish Galleon is one of the fourteen courts that appears in Mario Sports Mix and is used in all of the four sports. The court takes place on a deserted ship with many crates.

The main obstacles in this court are the boxes which slide along the court whenever the ship tilts. If players were to be hit by one of these boxes, they are momentarily stunned. Occasionally, the boxes break open, revealing some Dry Bones. These Dry Bones also stun players if they come in contact with it. Players can use the boxes and Dry Bones as shields, however. Another aspect of this stage is that it occasionally tilts sideways. This might affect the movement of the ball or puck. The tilting can also make the players slide in the direction the tilt is moving.

Ghoulish Galleon can be unlocked by beating a random team when faced on this court. Ghoulish Galleon never appears in normal tournaments, but some missions do involve it.

The court also appears at the Bob-omb Dodge party game.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴーストシップ
Gōsuto Shippu
Ghost Ship

French Galion Spectral
Spectral Galleon
Italian Galeone spettrale
Spectral Galleon
Spanish Galeón fantasmal
Ghostly Galleon