Bowser Jr. Blvd.

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Bowser Jr. Blvd.
MSM 3-1 Basketball.png
Sport(s) available Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball

Bowser Jr. Blvd. is one of the fourteen courts that appears in Mario Sports Mix, and is used in three of the four sports; it is not used for Dodgeball. The court is located in an animated, very illuminated boulevard, on a giant screen ground. It is very similar to Jr. Street from Mario Hoops 3-on-3, and the two share the same name in Japanese.

In Basketball and Hockey, icons appear on the ground and modify the points obtained according to what is written on them if the player scores while they are placed on one of them. Blue icons represent positive values and multipliers, red means negative values and green icons shrink in size, while the multiplier score gets larger. Some of these icons can move. Twice in each period, the ground is illuminated for 15 seconds, and multiplies the base points by 10 if the player scores during this time (For example: If a three-point shot is made, seven coins have been collected, and the screen is illuminated with a ten times multiplier, then that team gets 100 points). Whenever their team scores with a special icon, a special fanfare is heard, telling them that they scored a bonus. If a special shot is made on this court, then only the base value is received.

In volleyball, each camp is divided into nine parts, and the player must activate the adverse platforms by shooting the ball on them. If they align three ones (diagonal alignments do not count), following the principle of Tic-tac-toe, the value of the points is immediately doubled, giving the player's team two points. If all of the Bowser Jr. panels are activated, the set is immediately won, disregarding the score. On a side note, items do not appear during a volleyball match at this court.

In the party game Harmony Hustle, Bowser Jr. Blvd. is one of the three courts that are used; the others being Peach's Castle and DK Dock. An 8-bit animation of a Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series appears on the illuminated floor.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジュニアストリート
Junia Sutorīto
Jr. Street

French Bowser Jr. Bvd.
Bowser Jr. Blvd.
German Bowser Jr. Blvd.
Italian Viale Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. Boulevard
Spanish (NOA) Blvr. de Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr.'s Blvd.
Spanish (NOE) Bulevar de Bowsy
Bowser Jr.'s Boulevard


  • The highest possible score to get for one shot in basketball in this stage is 130 points by making a 3-point shot with 10 coins during the bonus time. In hockey, the highest score for one shot is 110 by scoring with 10 coins during bonus time.
  • If a team wins in volleyball by lighting up all the panels, the scoreboard shows a Bowser Jr. icon in place of the team's total score.
  • If Waluigi aligns three panels with his special shot in Volleyball, he can score up to 8 points if all four shots manage to evade the opposing players.
  • This is the only court in the game where players can get a score below zero, because of the red panels.