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DK Dock
MSM 2-1 Volleyball.png
Sport(s) Available Basketball, Dodgeball, Volleyball

DK Dock is a court in the game Mario Sports Mix, and is owned by Donkey Kong. It is very similar to its precedent counterpart from Mario Hoops 3-on-3, DK Cruiser, in terms of aesthetics. Any sport can be played on DK Dock except for Hockey.

This court's main feature is its constantly shifting boards. This can help one team and hinder the other team by making either more or less land available to them. In dodgeball, players can get closer to their opponents when the boards make less land available for them, or vice versa. If the ball falls into the water, the competitors will need to jump for the ball again. If the players or the opponents are knocked into the water, they are automatically out, regardless of how much health they have left.

Basketball follows the same mechanics as dodgeball, except that the players can't get out, and if the ball falls in the water, the opposing team gets the ball. In volleyball, the court works differently. It is divided into two separate segments. These segments will drift apart and move in a circular motion in the water. This can make it harder or easier for the other team to score.

In Feed Petey, DK Dock is one of the three courts that are used; the others being Daisy Garden and Wario Factory. Additionally, DK Dock is used with the Harmony Hustle party game; the other courts being Peach's Castle and Bowser Jr. Blvd.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKクルーズ
DK Kurūzu
DK Cruise
Italian Molo DK DK Dock