Luigi's Mansion (Mario Sports Mix)

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Luigi's Mansion
Players playing Volleyball at Luigi's Mansion in Mario Sports Mix
Sport(s) available Basketball, Volleyball

Luigi's Mansion is a mansion themed court that appears in Mario Sports Mix. It is set inside the mansion of the same name. Volleyball and Basketball are the available sports here. It is a starter court and appears in the Flower Cup for both sports.

The main feature of the court varies depending on the sport. In a basketball match, there are various ghosts swarming around the court. These ghosts may snatch the ball out of the player's hand and pass it to one of the opposing players. In volleyball, the ghosts may assist the player by striking the ball over the net for them. The basketball hoops appear in the form of chandeliers while the volleyball net is covered in a large spider web. Boos also appear here as spectators and will constantly make noises during the match.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルイージマンション
Ruīji Manshon
Luigi Mansion
Italian Palazzo di Luigi Luigi's Mansion
Spanish Mansión de Luigi Luigi's Mansion