Fire Mountain (court)

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Fire Mountain
The Smash Skate game played at Fire Mountain.
A battle with Wario, White Mage, Waluigi, and Cactuar.
In-game description The pillar of lava will burn you and throw you off balance!
Sport(s) available Hockey (Smash Skate only)

Fire Mountain is a court in Mario Sports Mix. It is exclusive to the Smash Skate party game, along with Sherbet Sea and Rowdy Raft.

The match takes place in a volcano, on a large molten pillar surrounded by lava. Players score points by checking other players into the lava. Similarly, players lose points by getting checked into the lava. After the forty second mark, the crack in the center of the pillar starts lighting up, with a large lava eruption shortly after. If a player is caught in the blast radius, they catch fire for a few seconds, making it hard to control.

After playing in this court twenty times, a more difficult version is unlocked. In this version, the lava geyser eruptions begin almost as soon as the round begins. The pillar also tilts often, making it more difficult to avoid falling into the lava or geyser.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コロナマウンテン
Korona Maunten
Corona Mountain
Italian Montagna di fuoco Fire mountain
Spanish Montaña ígnea Fire Mountain


  • The court shares its Japanese name with the final level of Super Mario Sunshine.
    • However, "Fire Mountain" is the name of the hard mode version of the court in the game's Japanese version.