Star Ship (court)

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Star Ship
Sport(s) available Dodgeball, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball

Star Ship is the final court of any tourney in the Star Cup in Mario Sports Mix and the last one in the game overall. After players win the semi-final match, they meet with their opposition, who is actually Ninja in disguise. Ninja steals the Star Cup trophy and heads for the Star Ship. The players' characters then chase Ninja onto the Star Ship, where they participate in a final battle before receiving the Star Cup trophy. The Star Ship's power source is the four Sports Crystals that the players collect after clearing the Star Cup of a sport (or a rainbow-colored crystal if Behemoth is defeated in all sports).

This court, in Tournament mode, is always played against Ninja and White Mage in 2-on-2 mode. Black Mage joins this team whenever the court is played in 3-on-3 mode. The opponents use their alternate colors if the player is using any of these characters, meaning that the opponents do not change at all. For example, if players are using Ninja, he will still appear as a CPU opponent, but he is in his alternate outfit.

The Star Ship can be played in all sports. It has one special mechanic; Sports Crystals may occasionally rain down on the court, each worth one Coin. However, this gimmick is absent in Normal Tournament mode, making the Star Ship similar to Mario Stadium. The crystals will appear in Tournament mode if the player clears the Star Road before reaching the finals.

The Star Ship is accessible after players beat Ninja and White Mage (and Black Mage) in one corresponding sport. However, this action has to be performed for every sport in order to use the court for all sports. Star Ship can also be unlocked for any sport by playing that sport 25 times.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターシップ
Sutā Shippu
Star Ship

French Vaisseau spatial
German Raumschiff
Italian Aeronave
Spanish Barco volador
Flying Ship