Rowdy Raft

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Smash Skate played at Rowdy Raft
Rowdy Raft

Rowdy Raft is a court in the party game Smash Skate from Mario Sports Mix. Like Sherbet Sea and Fire Mountain, this court is exclusive to the party game.

Rowdy Raft is a circular-shaped wooden raft with a hole in the middle that has barriers along the outside of it. The only way to get opponents out is by hitting them into the hole. If a player gets hit into the barriers, they will bounce off them into the hole in the middle.

There is a harder version of this court, which can be unlocked by playing in this stage 20 times. Instead of barriers along the outside of the arena, there are barriers surrounding the hole in the middle and four triangular shaped barriers along the outside. This makes it harder to knock opponents into the water. The raft will also occasionally tilt to one side, making it harder for players to control their movements.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドーナッツボート
Dōnattsu Bōto
Donut Boat

Italian Zattera instabile
Unstable raft
Spanish Balsa peripecia
Adventure Raft