Sherbet Sea

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Sherbet Sea

Sherbet Sea is a court in the party game Smash Skate from Mario Sports Mix. This court is specially made for this party game and is not playable anywhere else in the game.

Sherbet Sea is a big rectangular block of ice in the middle of an ocean at night. In the background are icebergs with Penguins on them. The middle of the arena has a small block of ice that can be pushed with a smash attack. If any opponents are in its way, the iceblock will push them into the water. Note that the player will not get any points if they use the ice block to push opponents into the water, but their opponent will still lose points. If players get pushed onto the edge of the platform but do not fall off, they will have to shake the Wii Remote to continue playing. Near the end of the game, the platform will tilt, making it easier or harder to knock players off the side.

The unlockable version has three ice blocks on the court instead of one, making it easier to push players off the platform.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スリップフロート
Surippu Furōto
Slip Float
Italian Mar dei sorbetti Sherberts sea
Spanish Mar sorbete Sherbet Sea