Wario Factory (Mario Sports Mix)

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Wario Factory
MSM 2-2 Hockey.png
Sport(s) available Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Dodgeball

Wario Factory is one of the fourteen playable courts in Mario Sports Mix, and is owned by Wario. It appears in all the four sports. In dodgeball, there is a conveyor belt for each camp, which can be activated if players of the opposite team walk on red buttons. In hockey, two conveyor belts are placed near each goal, and transport several items on the court: green Wario boxes which are unbreakable and can't be opened, purple chests which contain 10 coins if players shoot the puck on them, and large bombs which explode when touched by a player. Shy Guys are the only spectators for this court.

Wario Factory also appears as a selectable court for the party game, Feed Petey.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオファクトリー
Wario Fakutorī
Wario Factory

French Usine Wario
Wario Factory
Italian Fabbrica di Wario
Wario's Factory
Spanish Fabrica de Wario
Wario's Factory