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The model of the Tyrant from Mario Kart DS
Strong stats Speed, Weight, Items
Average stats Drift
Weak stats Acceleration, Handling
Appears in Mario Kart DS

The Tyrant is Bowser's default signature kart in Mario Kart DS. It is shaped like Bowser's foot with appropriate skin color, three claws in the front, and two claws in the back. The emblem is located on the front of the kart. The Tyrant is the heaviest vehicle in the game, making the kart less likely to get knocked off the track by other karts. It also has average drifting (tied with the 4-Wheel Cradle) and high speed (tied with the ROB-LGS) and items. However, its acceleration and handling are abysmal when compared to the other vehicles. This kart also has poor off-road capabilities and has the worst Mini-Turbo out of all karts in the game.

The kart is unlocked for Wario and Waluigi as well when the player gets gold trophies in all Nitro or Retro Courses in 150cc, and becomes available for everyone else when gold trophies are obtained in every cup in 150cc Mirror Mode.


Speed: 90/100
Acceleration: 25/100
Weight: 82/100
Handling: 25/100
Drift: 64/100
Items: 100/100


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイラント

French Tyran
German Despotomobil
Despotmobile; "despot" is a synonym to "tyrant"
Italian Tirannobolide
From tiranno (tyrant) and bolide (racing car)
Korean 폭군호
Tyrant ("호" is attached behind the name of trains, ships, or karts.)

Spanish Makiavelikart
Pun of the Spanish word "maquiavélico" (mean) and kart.