Rainbow Road (Mario Kart DS)

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This article is about the race course from Mario Kart DS. For Rainbow Road as a whole and other versions of the track, see Rainbow Road.
Rainbow Road
Rainbow Road (DS)
Appears in Mario Kart DS (2005)
Cup(s) Special Cup
Online play No longer available (DS)
Music sample
Course map
Rainbow Road map
Mario Kart DS
Staff ghost(s)
DS Ninten★たえこ
2:16.246 ROB MKDS record icon.pngThe model of the ROB-BLS from Mario Kart DS
Rainbow Road icon, from Mario Kart DS.
The course icon

Rainbow Road is the fourth and last course of the Special Cup in Mario Kart DS. Its staff ghost is R.O.B. in the ROB-BLS.

Unlike previous incarnations, this Rainbow Road uniquely contains a vertical loop and a corkscrew, the only inversions in a Mario Kart course before Mario Kart 8 (excluding tricks). Rails border the sides of both inversions to prevent racers from falling off sideways. Those elements may have been added to ensure challenge; players can place items so their opponents can fall off the corkscrew or the loop. However, there are glitches on the corkscrew and the loop. If a player drifts and hits the rail or continues touching the rail, it can send them floating up, typically out of bounds (though in rare cases, the player may fall onto the corkscrew without being brought back to the correct part of the track). On top of this, this Rainbow Road also has many sharp turns and a helix, not unlike the previous version in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Some multi-colored Warp Pipes and Stars appear in space around the track. Additionally, the coloring pattern of this looks different from the previous Rainbow Roads: here, the color stripes on this track are horizontal and follow along it, instead of vertically across the track.

This Rainbow Road, along with its subsequent iteration, has a unique "chiming" sound each time the player passes through the star rings found along the track. It also has a unique low pitched "glistening" sound when the player falls off the course. A portion of its music is used in the "Rainbow Road Medley" music track in the Super Smash Bros. series. It plays on the Rainbow Road stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, on the Mario Circuit stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and on any Mario Kart stage as well as on Battlefield, Big Battlefield, Small Battlefield, and Final Destination as of the version 8.1.0 update in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Course layout[edit]

Like almost all Rainbow Roads, the track is transparent and it takes place in space. The track starts out with three Dash Panels down a steep drop. There are four item boxes laid out across the track and a spiralling bend to the left while going upward, with four Dash Panels close to the left edge. In the spiral is a floating pipe, mostly for decoration. In the spiral, it is very easy to fall or be pushed off. There are four more item boxes at the end of another steep drop with the loop close after. The loop is a vertical loop (a simple loop that just goes upside-down once). A steep incline follows the loop. A right turn comes next with a small drop, four more item boxes, and a sharp turn to the left. The drop prevents racers from being able to race the course backwards. After a short, straight road is a U-turn right. The corkscrew is next, with a slight curve to the right, four item boxes, and another U-turn to the left. With the finish line just ahead, the cycle is started again two more times.


There is one mission that takes place on Rainbow Road:

  • Mission 7-1: The player controls Peach, who must perform 6 power-slide mini-turbos before completing one lap and before 60 seconds has passed.


Mario Kart DS[edit]

  • European website bio: "The race to end all races, Rainbow Road is a rollercoaster-like ride through a psychedelic circuit of twists, turns, loops and swoops. Littered with Dash Panels and lacking roadside barriers, this course will test all your driving skills to the limit."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レインボーロード
Reinbō Rōdo
Rainbow Road

French Route Arc-en-ciel
Rainbow Road
German Regenbogen-Boulevard
Italian Pista Arcobaleno
Rainbow Track
Korean 무지개 로드
Mujigae Rod
Rainbow Road

Spanish Senda Arco Iris
Rainbow Path