Standard DB

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Standard DB
Dry Bones artwork from Mario Kart DS
Strong stats Acceleration, Handling
Average stats Weight, Items
Weak stats Speed, Drift
Appears in Mario Kart DS
Variant of Standard Kart

The Standard DB is Dry Bones' standard kart in Mario Kart DS. While artwork depicts it with a light beige frame, it features a light gray frame in-game. Both the artwork and the kart in-game feature a cartoon drawing of Dry Bones' head facing left as its emblem (unless the kart's emblem is changed in-game). While it has a very low speed stat, it has the second highest possible acceleration and handling for a kart, above the Banisher and below the Dry Bomber. Its weight, drift (tied with the Standard WR), and items are also average.


The model of Standard DB kart from Mario Kart DS
The Standard DB model
Speed: 31/100
Acceleration: 99/100
Weight: 64/100
Handling: 96/100
Drift: 47/100
Items: 66/100

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スタンダードKA
Sutandādo KA
Standard KA (from Karon, Dry Bones' Japanese name)

French SR Standard
Standard SR (from "Skelerex", the French name of Dry Bones)
German Knochentrocken St.
Standard Dry Bones
Italian TO Standard
Standard TO (from "Tartosso", the Italian name of Dry Bones)
Korean 스탠더드WA
Seutaendeodeu WA
Standard WA

Spanish Turbo Huesitos
Turbo Dry Bones