Tart Top

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Tart Top
Screenshot of Tart Top from Mario Kart DS
Appears in Mario Kart DS (2005)
Cup(s) Battle Mode
Online play Was never available (DS)
Music sample
Course map
Tart Top mapMario Kart DS

Tart Top is a battle course in Mario Kart DS. It is a large circular pastry covered by many confections like green and red heart-shaped jellies, cream mounds, and berries. The only Item Boxes are located high up in the air, accessible only when racers use the Dash Panel circling the cream mountain in the center. The creme mounds scattered all over the course function like the bumpers featured in Waluigi Pinball in that they bounce karts back, but with the added property of applying a unique pink icing (a recolor of the ink caused by the Blooper item) to the racer's screen. The icing can be cleared by waiting for a short period of time, gaining a burst of speed provided by the Dash Panel or using a Mushroom.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイートタルト
Suīto Taruto
Sweet Tart
French Tarte Sucrée Sweet Tart
German Süße Torte Sweet Tart
Italian Dolce Torta Sweet Cake
Korean 케이크 동산
Keikeu Dongsan
Cake Garden
Spanish Dulce Tarta Sweet Cake