Tart Top

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Tart Top
Dulce Tarta.PNG
Appearance(s) Mario Kart DS (2005)
Cup(s) it Appears in Battle Mode
Wi-Fi Was never available (DS)
Course Map
The course icon
Peach battling on Tart Top

Tart Top is a battle course in Mario Kart DS. It is a large circular pastry covered by many confections like green and red heart-shaped jellies, cream puffs and berries. The only Item Boxes are located high up in the air, accessible only when racers use the Dash Panel covering completely the cream mountain in the center. Hitting any one of the creme puffs throughout the course may cause icing to splat on the player's screen, much like the Blooper item, though not nearly as much nor as long.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイートタルト
suīto taruto
Sweet Tart
Spanish Dulce Tarta Sweet Tart
French Tarte Sucrée Sweet Tart
German Süße Torte Sweet Tart
Italian Dolce Torta Sweet Cake
Korean 케이크 동산
Keikeu Dongsan
Cake Garden


  • If the player drives up the ramp in the center and hops just when the kart touches the edge of the Dash Panel, the player will fly extra high, possibly receiving an Item Box as well. This is somewhat tricky since the sudden boost of speed has to be accounted for.