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The model of the Wildlife from Mario Kart DS
Strong stats Speed, Drift
Average stats Acceleration, Weight
Weak stats Handling, Items
Appears in Mario Kart DS

The Wildlife is Donkey Kong's unlockable signature kart in Mario Kart DS. It resembles a converted green safari Jeep (hence the German name), especially the Jeep CJ-3A, complete with an antenna that has a red flag. The emblem is located on the hood and both sides of the flag. It has moderate acceleration and weight, low handling and items, and great speed and drift. Its acceleration is shared with the Standard WR, and its weight is tied with the Brute.

To let any character use it, gold trophies must be obtained in every cup in Mirror Mode. When the player can choose from seven karts, Luigi and Peach can use this kart.


Speed: 84/100
Acceleration: 50/100
Weight: 55/100
Handling: 37/100
Drift: 79/100
Items: 33/100


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワイルドライフ

French Explorateur
German Safarijeep
Safari Jeep
Italian Safari Car
Safari Car
Korean 와일드라이프
Wild Life

Spanish Safari 4x4
Safari 4x4