List of boss arenas in Mario Kart DS

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Mission Mode of Mario Kart DS uses several locations for its boss battles. It has a few arenas that appear only in Mission Mode, and since none of them are officially named, each of them has been given a conjectural name.


Water Arena[edit]

Water Arena

The Water Arena is where both the Big Bully and Chief Chilly are fought. The arena consists of a platform surrounded by water. There are no boundaries, allowing both the player and the boss to be knocked in the water.

The background of this stage bears some resemblances to the interior of a fortress in Super Mario Bros. 3. A few waterfalls and Wood Blocks are also present.

When the player battles the Big Bully and Chief Chilly, there are two differences:

  • There are four Item Boxes in the Chief Chilly battle, compared to one in the Big Bully battle.
  • When the player battles Chief Chilly, the arena is slightly bigger.

Sand Arena[edit]

Sand Arena

The Sand Arena is where both Eyerok and the Big Bob-omb are fought. Much like the Water Arena, it is completely featureless. However, unlike in the Water Arena, there are boundaries, meaning that the player and the boss cannot be knocked offstage.

The background of this stage is based on the interior of the pyramid in Shifting Sand Land.

Lava Arena[edit]

Peach and King Boo in Mission Mode.
King Boo, the Level 4 boss
Lava Arena

The Lava Arena is where King Boo is fought. The arena consists of a platform above a pit of lava. The platform is a lot bigger than in the Water and Sand Arenas, but it has quite a few holes in it, which may result in falling into lava. The background also has the Wood Blocks and falls from the Water Arena, except the waterfalls are now lavafalls. Unlike in the first battle and most battles, the player needs to collect 50 coins while avoiding King Boo. Coins are scattered across the platform.

GCN Baby Park[edit]

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Goomboss, the Level 3 boss

This is where Goomboss is raced. It is completely identical to the racecourse version. However, in this version, there are three laps instead of five. Goomboss throws Goombas on the track, and he gets bigger when entering the next lap. Goomboss also sometimes throws Mushrooms, which bear a slight resemblance to Goombas from a distant viewpoint. Goomboss also cheats on the last lap and hops over the center of the divider.

GCN Mushroom Bridge[edit]

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Mario preparing to battle against Wiggler.
Wiggler, the Level 7 boss

This is where Wiggler is raced. It is completely identical to the racecourse version, except that Wiggler often knocks out passing cars, slightly changing the course. The Item Boxes all contain Stars. If the player bumps a car or cargo truck with an Item Box inside while powered-up with a Star, they will earn a Mushroom.

MKDS Wiggler Screenshot.png