Battle Course 2 (Mario Kart: Super Circuit)

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This article is about the second battle course in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. For other uses of the name "Battle Course", see Battle Course.
Battle Course 2
Battle Course 2 icon
The course icon
Appears in Mario Kart: Super Circuit (2001)
Cup(s) Battle Mode
Music sample
Course map
Battle Course 2
Toad on the battle course

Battle Course 2 is the second battle course of Mario Kart: Super Circuit. It uses the same background of the same game's Bowser Castle 2, and the same tileset as the same game's Bowser Castle 3. The stage is predominantly square-shaped, with stone and mesh bridges, and several large lava trenches. Sometimes, it can be tricky trying to get into the middle of the course due to the number of jumps.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バトルコース2
Batoru Kōsu 2
Battle Course 2
French Circuit Combat 2[1] Combat Circuit 2
Italian Circuito di gara 2[1] Match Circuit 2
Spanish Circuito de Batalla 2[1] Battle Circuit 2