King Boo's Courtyard

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King Boo's Courtyard
King Boo's Courtyard course icon from Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Appears in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Music sample

King Boo's Courtyard is the final race of the Luigi Cup in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The track is similar to the previous track Boo Fortress, in that it is set in a haunted area with Boos that frighten the player when they run into them and the edges of the screen in this track have a purple aura around them. This track reuses the music from GCN Luigi's Mansion in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The course's icon depicts Luigi in the Poltergust G-00 driving in front of King Boo in an area resembling Boo Woods in Luigi's Mansion. Upon passing gate 2, King Boo appears and turns the player's screen upside down, and upon passing gate 4, he reappears and turns the screen back to normal.


The gates in this track resemble the walls of a haunted mansion with swords in an "X" shape on each side.

  • Gate 1: No additional properties on the first lap, features Item Boxes starting with the second lap.
  • Gate 2: Features King Boo.
  • Gate 3: No additional properties.
  • Gate 4: Features King Boo.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キングテレサパーク
Kingu Teresa Pāku
King Boo Park

French Cour du Roi Boo
King Boo's Courtyard
Italian Corte di Re Boo
King Boo's Court
Spanish Corte del Rey Boo
King Boo's Court