Ember Island

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Ember Island
Ember Island course icon from Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Appears in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
Music sample

Ember Island is the third and final race of the Lightning Cup in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. This course is designed to appear as it would take place in a volcano. As such, the screen is toned a very minor red, slightly waving to make stationery objects appear moving. The gates are stylized with blocks and a volcano on the top. Lava Bubbles surround the track, hopping in and out of puddles of lava they create along the way. Driving into one stuns the driver very briefly. Coins appear in moderation throughout the course, often near Lava Bubbles. This race reuses the music from Mario Kart 8's Wii Grumble Volcano for its theme. The course's icon depicts Luigi on his Explorer Outfit in the Adventure Buggy with a couple of Lava Bubbles in front of him.


The gates in this course are stylized to fit the volcanic theme of the track, structured with blocks and a volcano on top with lava flowing from it.

  • Gate 1: Features Boosts.
  • Gate 2: No additional properties.
  • Gate 3: Features Item Boxes.
  • Gate 4: Features a magnet.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ようがんアイランド
Yōgan Airando
Lava Island

Dutch Vlammenland
Flame Land
French Île incandescente
Incandescent island
German Glutinsel
Ember Island
Italian Isola Graticola
Grill Island
Korean 용암 아일랜드
Yong-am Aillaendeu
Lava Island

Spanish Isla Abrasadora
Burning Island