Sky Arena

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Sky Arena
Preview of the Mario Kart Arcade GP DX course Sky Arena
Appearance(s) Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (2013)
Cup(s) Bowser Jr. Cup

Sky Arena is a race course in the game Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. It shares similarities with Cloudtop Cruise from Mario Kart 8, and Meringue Clouds from New Super Mario Bros. U. The track takes place in the sky, with Bowser's Airships flying about. The course's layout is mostly made up of twisty curves, as well as some sections that have the racers storming in and out of the Airships.

The course also has a few references to Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Track layout[edit]

At the start of the race, the racers are aboard an Airship, and the Mario Kart banner reads: "Jr. Jr." with a picture of the Junior Clown Car on it, indicating that the Airships in this course are owned by Bowser Jr. When the racers start, they head down to the end of the Airship where a ramp with a Super Mario Galaxy-like star booster is above it. When the racers jump off of the ramp, they still continue on another Airship with a curve to the right, approaching the first set of Item Boxes and multi-colored banners featuring the seven Koopalings above with their artwork from the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

After the curve to the right, the racers then enter inside of an Airship, with a sign hanging above the entrance on the ceiling, reading: "The road of pirates to Bowser's ship". The racers are inside the Airship for a very short time, as it is almost immediate that they exit. Once they exit, there is another ramp with another star booster, except this one is rainbow-colored, as the last one was a bright yellow.

Once the racers jump off the ramp, they land on a twisty road made out of clouds similar to the layout of Cloudtop Cruise. About halfway through the cloudy road, the racers approach their second set of Item boxes.

After the winding, cloudy road, the racers board a bridge that goes uphill, leading them inside another Airship. The bridge is being held up by chains on both sides connecting to the Bowser head that is on the front of the Airship. Upon entry, there is a sign hanging from the ceiling that reads: "Cargo Bay", with a picture of a Paragoomba and a Paratroopa on the sides.

Inside this Airship, their is a bunch of multi-colored gears and light blue smoke. It is also pretty dark inside as it could possibly be a factory for making cargo for the Airship's to haul, as seen on the sign when the racers had just entered. Then, the road curves to the right, as the racers exit the Airship with a Glider Ramp shortly after.

After the racers fly off the Glider Ramp, they fly over another Airship with cannons equipped on both sides. Once they land, they curve to the right for a bit longer than normal, as the road is a sandy-like terrain. Once the curve ends, the racers enter a structure with a sign on the top, reading: "Control Room"

Upon entry, the road turns into a carpet, and there are a bunch of propellers hanging from the ceiling, they are identical to the propellers that are seen on the top of all the Airships in the Mario franchise. Then, there is a split path for a very short time, and both paths are identical to each other.

After the split paths rejoin, the racers go off another ramp with a star booster above it, and land on the same Airship that they strated on with the finish line.