Whirling Wheel

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Whirling Wheel
Broken Wheel from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX.
Icon from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
A regular steering wheel with a blue center and dazed expression in the middle
First appearance Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (2013)

The Whirling Wheel is one of numerous items featured in and exclusive to Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. It appears as a normal steering wheel with the same build as the Broken Wheel, in addition to a similar function, if to a slightly lesser extent. The Whirling Wheel is classified as a defense-type, forward thrown item. If equipped and collected from an Item Box during a race, the player may toss it toward a driver ahead of them, making their steering uncertain for a short time. As always, this effect is temporary and fades away quickly.