Pie Kart

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Pie Kart
Pie Kart from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
Icon from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
A delectable kart made out of cake, with donuts for wheels, as well as cream and sprinkles on top
First appearance Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (2013)

The Pie Kart is one of the many items featured in and exclusive to Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. It is classified as a special item. Whenever the player manages to collect one from an Item Box, they are able to use it at any time to transform their regular Kart into the Pie Kart, a kart seemingly made entirely of dessert, including cake, donuts, cream, and sprinkles, offering the driver greater protection against others. During this time, the racer notably disappears and returns once their kart is back to normal. The Pie Kart behaves just the same as any regular kart.